Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tea with Jonathan

Tuesday I was having a friend over for 4 O'clock tea which I had been excitedly looking forward to this last week. My friend and I are just getting to know each other so I wanted the tea to be very enjoyable. Low and behold the Precious Baby happened to be teething. Our lovely Tea turned out to be a crazy Tea. The puppy who isn't  the size of a puppy but still puppy in mind  and spirit loves new people and couldn't stay away from my friend. Trying to hold the crying baby and keep the pup under control and serve tea I was holing back tears. Out of desperation from baby screaming in our conversation and puppy having to stay inside (she is some how getting out of her back yard and roaming the streets) "I said lets just get out of here and have tea at Penera instead." 
To bring the story to a close, yes the baby calmed down just enough for us to have a little conversation and we were able to escape the young pup and all her excitement.
 My friend was so sweet and she said she had fun. When back home after my friend left I felt like crying. My tea party was a failure, we didn't get to eat my home made scones or enjoy my tulips that I bought for the occasion. 
I called Jonathan to tell him my day, through the baby's crying I heard him say that he was coming home early to help me with the baby :(
By the time he got home the baby had calmed down and felt better and I thought, why not have tea with Jonathan. Out of the reconstructed tea party it turned out to be a  lovely date. I love my husband. He is the sweetest man. He is my BEST friend. 
He loved the cranberry scones. Oh and the baby has two top teeth coming in! He is feeling better today.


Ashleigh said...

I love how you did the table arrangements! It's very warm and inviting! I'm so sorry that your tea party didn't turn out well. Well, I guess in the end it did:)

Elizabeth said...

I am so sorry about your much anticipated time with your friend Marie :( But like Ashleigh said it ended very well in the end! :P Your pictures look lovely! And those flowers!!!! GORGEOUS! Miss you!

Meredith Ivy said...

What lovely pictures. I enjoyed your post so much even though it was not the way it was meant to turn out. Zane is going to be so cute with his new little teeth! I'm sure he's probably a handful while he's getting them in though!

Amber said...

oh you poor thing, I'm sorry your first tea party didn't go well! Babies are really not happy campers when they're teething, that is such a hard stage! Your husband is so sweet to be so considerate and thoughtful. The tea-scape looks absolutely lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

So very pretty!! I'm sorry things got overwhelming, all of us mommies know what you are going through!! One thing life with babies teach us is to roll with the punches lol!! What a wonderful husband you have, so glad you got a little date :)

Marie said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Your support is very nurturing :) It does feel better to write things out and then find all your support and sympathy, very sweet.

Katheryn said...

Life is crazy with little ones. God is teaching you so much already. Flexibility. It seems that you handled it great! What a great blessing to be married to your best friend. And what an awesome husband to meet your needs. I love hearing about your life as it comes. Keep the Lord first and the rest will work out. Love you.

Marie said...

Thank so much Katheryn,
I love your comments, they mean so much to me. Yes I agree with you about flexibility. Praise the Lord that He uses our kids and our homes to further develop our characters and personalities for his greater purpose.
Love you too!
~ Marie


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