Monday, March 8, 2010

Motives Monday /Blackout Luxe Cr`eme Shadow

Happy Monday Ladies! 
Today's Motives Monday is featuring Motives Blackout Luxe Cr`eme Shadow
I love this product.
You can do anything with this Cr`eme Shadow. Today's tutorial I am going to use it as a Eyeliner. 
So to get started I first apply my eyeshadow the Metallic (the real name of this eyeshadow annoys me to no end so I decided to name it my own name :)) Its a metallic color which I love because it gives a REAL metal kinda look which is personally a favorite of mine.
Here it is applied.
Next I just get out a brush and I scoop out my Cr`eme Shadow with the back end of my brush and I mush it all over my wrist. Then I take the brush and use it and paint on the Blackout Creme on my eye-line. 
I finish with my mascara and I am ready for the day.
You can find these two items as I link them to their names.
I wish everyone a very blessed week and I hope I have encouraged you to try this look.
So much Love


Amber said...

okay this is embarassing to admit but I have been having the hardest time trying to do that thing with eyeliner where you make it sort of "wing up" do you know what I mean, sort of the cat eye look? can you do a tutorial on that? I would really appreciate it!

Marie said...

Hi Amber!
I have had the hardest time with that also. I have tried several different ways to do this and I would love to give a tutorial about all of them. I love the cat eye look also. I am excited about motives introducing a new eyeliner that is a pen. It is really cheap like 10 and its the same product that some other top brand name is using and they are selling it for either 40 or 50. I tried it at the conference I went to in Florida and it looks SO good on! Once I get it in I will do a tutorial on that as well!

bielka said...

i love it , your so pretty sister :)

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial and your eye makeup looks amazing.

New Mom said...

Very pretty Marie!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous sister~ I love the metallic! I can't wait for mine to come in the mail!


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