Monday, March 22, 2010

Motives Monday/ Pink Rose Lipstick/

Todays Motives Monday is featuring Pink Rose Lipstick and Elizabeth, my twin sister is modeling it for me. She is a new mommy and she looks so lovely. I was so excited to use her for my Motives Monday while I'm here visiting. 
 I JUST LOVE this color. It is a brilliant pink that is hard to find and is perfect for springtime.  So visit my page by clicking the link above.
Also, I am doing a Motives Pink Dual for this week and the next so stay tuned for the nail polish next week. Oh and I will be posting some pics of our happy Florida trip / vacation soon. 
Happy Monday Everyone :)


Where Your Treasure Is said...

Holy Cow, what gorgeous girls. I want those girls. Just seeing your lovely faces cheers up this Mama.
Miss you. Wish I could be there with you.
Love Mom

Elizabeth said...

Ha mom you make me laugh! :)

Marie thanks for making me look so good lol! :P

living from glory to glory said...

Hey if my lips will look like that with that pink stuff order me a case!!
I'll take the hat also.You two both could be models Love Roxy

Amber said...

what beautiful pictures!! that is such a great fun color for spring! :) Plus I really love how cool the tube looks too!

Miss Jen said...

Oh... love that black hat! :)

Katheryn said...

Love the pics! I wish I could wear pink, but I think that my baby would be wearing most of it. Which I am sure is the case for you two... You both look absolutely stunning, your husbands are truly blessed by such beautiful mamas.

Marie said...

You all are such sweet hearts. I feel like a million bucks after reading your lovely comments.
Love you all!!!
Love Marie

Holly Trujillo said...

Oh my! You girls are gorgeous!!! You make that pink look wonderful!

Davene said...

Fun pictures! You both look great!


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