Thursday, March 25, 2010

Florida Pics

Here are all the fun pics.
 We all had such a blast. It was a wonderful getaway and family time. Jon and I felt like royalty in a palace. 
Our hotel was so beautiful, the room was charming. We didn't know that we were going to get a suite. Jon's work treated us very well. The food was probably one of my favorite memories. LOL! Oh and the beach. No I have to change that, seeing Jon being honored as I watched him receive his award in such a humble way was a beautiful memory.
Jon was recognized by his company over his entire division. Thursday night was the Black Tie Event which I wore my new Dress and Purse from the Goodwill. We got to sit with the VP of the company at dinner and Jon was called away to be called up on the stage to be honored. 
I'm so proud of him.  

He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor. "For the foundations of the earth are the LORD's; upon them he has set the world
1 Samuel 2:8


Judith said...

OMG!! Beutiful pics Marie, so glad that u guys had a great time!!! Little Zane is getting so hansome,love him :D
I'm so happy for u guys, specially for my bro Jon, I'm so proud of him. I thank God for everything He is doing to ur lives as a family. So happy for u guys :D

Lisa said...

Your little guy is so handsome!!! Thanks for always sharing photos — as always, they're great!!!

Hope you're having a great week.

Amber said...

oh what a pretty hotel!! so old-world, I love it!! can I ask you a question, I love the vintage-y feel of all your pictures, is that a setting on your camera or something you do in photoshop?

I am so proud of Jonathan, what an amazing worker he is, I bet you were just busting with pride! :D

Katheryn said...

Oh how awesome! These are great pics and memories. You look absolutely stunning. And little Zane is so sweet! Good job Jonathan. Keep up the great work. The Lord will continue to bless you as long as you keep his commands.

Marie said...

Judith, your love and kindness and support means so much to Jon and I. We are blessed by you every time you speak to us.
Thanks so much for your Love. Love you dear friend.

Love your comments Lisa, thanks for always stopping by and being apart of my life.

Hi Amber,
I love the style of the hotel too. Old Wold is one of my favorite styles of decor.
About the vintagey pics, I go to this free site called picknik and they have these REALLY COOL applications for you to touch up your photos. It took me a little while to understand it, maybe because I am blond LOl! But after awhile I got the hang of it and now love this site. Here is
the link....

New Mom said...

Beautiful hotel! Congratulations Jon-- being a smooth talker sure pays off-- hee,hee {be sure to tell him I said that!} Marie, you should have taken a picture in your dress :)

Zane is so cute, he does remind me a lot of Elon at that age.

Help Meet in the Making said...

What a beautiful hotel! I am loving the pictures you are sharing with your new camera. You are a great photographer.
Glad to hear you enjoyed your sounds like it was so much fun!

Chelsea Robbins said...

what a gorgeous baby!

Where Your Treasure Is said...

Marie, I love the pictures so much. They look like they came out of a magazine. Tell John Mom is so proud of him. I just love the scripture verse you posted. "wow". I will be thinking about it all day. Himilce cracks me up. Gosh I miss the whole lot of you. Who would have thought I would raise up five out of seven kids and they would all end up every where but here. Thank goodness for blogs:) I am so proud of all of you and all of your spouses as well.

Much Love Mom

Marie said...

You are so cute! Love your jokes. I know I really wanted a picture of Jon and I all dressed up but we were running really late and the baby was crying because we were leaving him with a baby sitter for the first time. We did get a picture taken of us at the dinner, it was the professional "prom" pics which I have yet to see :)
I know Zane is reminding me more and more of little Elon! LOVE you guys!

Thanks so much Help Meet In The Making, I am trying to learn photography, first off I just need learn how to operate the camera, and find out what all the funny little gadgets do LOL!!

Chelsea, thanks so much for stopping by. Enjoyed your comment.

Mom, I am sure we will be seeing you soon. And you will be holding all your grand-baby's in your arms before you know it :) We miss you too! I can't wait for Zane to pack his jeans, boots into his suit case to go visit Grandpa and Grammy, and rid their ponies and play rancher!! HE can't wait either!!! LOVE YOU

Marie said...

Thanks so much Roxy!
LOVE you bunches!
Kiss your grand-babies for me!


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