Monday, March 15, 2010

Motives Monday / So Peachy

Sorry my Motives Monday Post is so close to Tuesday. I had a busy day. 

Yes as you can see today's tutorial is very easy because all that you apply is blush!
YEAHH! Some times when I am in a hurry all I have time for is a little mascara and a little blush. 
So Peachy is my ultimate favorite color from Motives blushes. I will of course add other blush colors to Motives Mondays because Motives carries the best blushes. Their pigmentation is really strong. And they will last FOREVER.
I hope everyone has a most blessed week!
Love you all!
Next Motives Monday will come directly from Jacksonville Florida. I will be away in Florida for some time visiting the sis and brother and of course darling little munchkin pie Winston. 


Elizabeth said...

So cute Marie! Yes, I love So Peachy on you especially with your hair color. :)

Miss Jen said...

The color is gorgeous on you!

Where Your Treasure Is said...

Marie, You are posting faster than I can think, and I am way behind on checking on the blog. I have to comment here for this and all the previous post through to the rocking chair purchase. Wow sweetie, your photography is amazing. Your whole blog looks great. I'm sure you have made your brother proud, not to mention the rest of us. Let me know when you have got your photoshop skills developed enough to trim me up a little in our future pictures. Ha. Really though sweetie, these pictures are so good. And then there's that baby, Oh my goodness, I can't get over him, he's scrumptious. I'm soooo starving for my grand babies and not sure I can take this being so far away stuff. Keep up those posts for me, so I can see him often.

Then there's the meatball soup. Roxy said she was going to try it, and I think I'm going to have to as well. And of course last but not least there is Bay what a cat Huh?

This make up is so pretty by the way, and I have to say, I was meaning to comment ages ago, ( seem to be 2 steps behind most of the time) how much I love My Motives Make up. It is really really great. Thanks again for the birthday make over and birthday presents. So So nice.

Love Mom

Amber said...

that is a great color! I have to tell you I just saw a thing in a magazine recently about how red eyeshadow is the hottest makeup trend right now, and I'm so excited to get my new eyeshadow! I hope you have fun visiting in Florida, I bet it's just gorgeous there right now! Have lots of fun and soak up lots of sunshine! :)

Holly Trujillo said...

Wonderful job Marie! You look B E A U T I F U L!


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